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    7 things you never knew about Prosecco

    by Sophie Eadon - June 14, 2017

    Prosecco, once regarded as ‘poor man’s champagne’ has improved dramatically over the years, so much so, 410.9 million bottles of Prosecco were produced in 2016, and Brits consumed an entire third of this – that’s about 125 million bottles of bubbles!

    Be it for a night out or in, it’s easy drinking bubbles that give us a much needed lift after a hard week at work. Prosecco is there for us and we should learn to appreciate it more! So here are 7 things you may not know about our go-to fizz fix!

    1. A town called Prosecco

    Yes, our frothy, fruity friend came from the village of Prosecco, a suburb of Trieste in North East Italy.

    2. What’s it made of?

    The ‘Glera’ grape is the main Prosecco grape and it dates back to the Roman times – impressive huh? Prosecco can also be made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, but Glera is the the main man.

    3. How’s it made?

    Unlike it’s fizzy friends Champagne and Cava, Prosecco is made in the ‘chamant’ method, which means it is fermented in the tank as opposed to the bottle.

    4. Why is it so much more affordable than Champers?

    Champagne is made in the “Champenoise” method and Cava the “Traditionnelle” method, both of these mean fermented in the bottle (however, only winemakers in Champagne, the region of France, may legally label their product méthode champenoise) Prosecco is fermented in the tank, a more efficient method, meaning a less expensive product – hurrah!

    5. You will not ‘Beli -lini -eve” it!

    The original Bellini recipe used Prosecco, NOT Champagne! We know what we’ll be making tonight…

    6. Not all Prosecco contains bubbles

    I know…we’re not sure how we feel about this either. But Prosecco comes in three levels of “perlage” (fancy word for bubbles) There’s the most fizzy – “spumante”, the second fizziest “frizzante, and then entirely still “tranquillo”

    7. It has fewer calories than wine

    Yep, another reason we love the fizz out of this sparkling stuff! A glass of red wine has 125 calories while Prosecco has 90…HURRAH!

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