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    8 reasons Champagne-loving dads are the best kind of dads

    by Veronica Golawski - June 16, 2017

    As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said: ‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.’ So this Father’s Day, be sure to celebrate your fizz-loving dad a bit extra – because he’s the best kind there is! Here’s why dads who prefer bubbly to beer are a cut above the rest…

    1. They aren’t afraid of a little fizzy explosion.

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    Does the thought of a cork gone rogue make you cringe? Have no fear! Your dad is the go-to man when it comes to opening fizz. Whether it’s a tame bottle or whether it explodes everywhere, he’ll happily step up to take charge.

    2. They’ll shell out for the good stuff – and share it.

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    Unlike beers and simple spirits (which you can find quite cheap), for the most part it’s difficult to find a quality, inexpensive bottle of Champagne. So you know that if your dad is a fizz fan, he’s going to go for the best he can! And lucky for us, these bottles were made for sharing – so your pop is sure to pour you a glass of bubbly, too.

    3. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

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    Champagne may be associated with fancy parties and high-class lifestyles, but in reality, there’s nothing more fun and lighthearted than bottles of bubbles! Sipping fizz is all about enjoying time with friends, something your dad probably excels in.

    4. They appreciate the simple things in life.

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    Champagne is a splurge, but your dad knows it’s worth it. Because even though a bottle of bubbles may not last long once uncorked, those few special hours are truly priceless. And it teaches us an invaluable lesson, too: investing in life’s smallest but greatest pleasures is a key to happiness!

    5. They love to celebrate!

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    There is no party like a fizz-filled party! And if your dad loves the bubbly stuff, he surely loves to pop, fizz, clink when a special occasion strikes even more. He’s probably never forgotten a birthday in the family – surely he’s made the parties extra incredible!

    6. They know how to be patient.

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    It takes time to age a fine wine, so committed Champagne drinkers sometimes wait years before tucking into a precious bottle of bubbles. If your dad keeps his finest fizz stored to enjoy it at its best, he’s also probably great at waiting for you and mom to get ready.

    7. They’re adventurous souls.

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    Opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword or knife? Now that’s got to take some bravery! Whether your dad is a pro at the art of ‘sabrage’ or simply fantasises about one day mastering the skill, it’s a testament to his brave and daring traits.

    8. They’ll pass down the fizz-loving tradition!

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    If your dad loves Champagne, you most likely do, too! Whether he shares a bottle or gets you a fabulous sparkling wine subscription to keep the bubble love going strong, with a fizz-loving dad in the family, everyone is sure to have good taste in sparklers!

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